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Feb 12, 2018

Member Spotlight: Surendra Koritala

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Suren Koritala.

Engineer, Model and TITLE Boxing Club Member.

Suren moved to the United States six years ago. He came to complete his Masters of Science from Oklahoma University, and since then has been working in different parts of the US. For the last two years, he’s been a model in very prestigious fashion shows all over Columbus.

“I love to workout and do whatever I can to stay fit.”

Suren started boxing at TITLE Boxing Club Grandview 10 months ago. He found out about TITLE from an old roommate.

“Initially, my intention to start boxing at TITLE was to avoid running.”

Who can relate? Guilty!! Boxing is a great form of exercise that can work your whole body, while helping you burn fat. Suren’s biggest challenge since starting boxing has been burning belly fat and maintaining lean muscle, but he nonetheless has been extremely successful in just a few months.

“I lost close to 20 pounds in the first six months of my membership.”

Awesome! Way to go Suren!

And besides the obvious physical benefits of boxing, Suren loves the psychological benefits as well.

“Every punch and kick on the bag vents out stress and anger…I feel refreshed after every session.”

We see Suren come into the club all the time, ready to give it his all. He’s a dedicated member, and believer in TITLE. He would recommend it to anyone!

“I will strongly recommend TITLE. There are several ways to stay fit, and boxing is one of the best fat burning exercises out there.”

Thank you, Suren!

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