Shoutout to March Member of the Month:

Chad Deshler


I was a member about 7 years ago but broke my thumb during an unfortunate snow skiing accident. I had to take a break from TITLE until a couple years back. I have tried so many gyms and programs but never found one that kept me engaged and focused like TITLE does. I played professional soccer and loved how I was able to stay fit and active throughout my career. Once I finished playing the closest thing I could find to that level of activity was TITLE. 

My Goals:

I have been a member now this second time for 2 years. When I joined, I weighed 195 lbs and felt very sluggish and drained. Since then, I have stayed consistent between 175-180 lbs and have developed better endurance and strength. I feel energized and motivated to do more. My next goal is actually fight in a competitive boxing match. I don’t know what to expect but I want us my skills obtained at TITLE in the actual ring. 

I am Most Proud Of:

I am proud of myself for staying motivated and working out consistently throughout the week. I’ve had several personal challenges over the past couple of years and this has been the relief I’ve needed. I hope to motivate others to stay active and engaged, regardless of their boxing ability, weight or health status. TITLE is addictive!!!

Congrats Chad!