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Feb 23, 2018

Fight Cancer? Stay in the Ring!

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Stay in the Ring.
“When can I get back to boxing?” It was New Year’s Eve 2015. I had just been diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. And this was the question I asked my doctors? They seemed a little surprised. Understandably, “more boxing” probably isn’t a usual cancer patient request. But from the time of my cancer diagnosis onward, I knew I had to keep my faith and keep fighting. I couldn’t allow myself to just be “sick”. For me, my rounds at TITLE Boxing Club were just as important as my rounds of chemotherapy. To beat breast cancer, I had to stay in the ring.

30 Rounds
Thankfully, my doctors encouraged me to keep boxing. They noted regular exercise is beneficial during cancer treatment. It became my goal to “glove up” for a TITLE class at least once a week during chemo. This proved to be a real challenge. My doctors prescribed an aggressive treatment plan for me: 30 rounds of chemotherapy, 28 rounds of radiation and multiple procedures. As treatment wore on, I grew tired. I lost my hair. Chemotherapy also caused a painful condition in my hands. After months of chemo, my fingers were too sore to even put on boxing gloves, much less punch a bag. But I kept fighting. The pain in my hands forced me to be creative during my TITLE classes. If my left hand was sore during boxing, I would throw punches with my right hand and vice versa. If both hands were too sore to punch a bag, I would “shadow box” or work on my defensive moves. Whenever I got tired during class, I would just imagine the “T” on the TITLE boxing bag stood for “Tumor”. That image always reenergized me to keep fighting!

Cancer – Free
Fortunately for me, the boxing mentality and endurance I learned at TITLE paid off. I ultimately completed 16 months of chemotherapy. Now I am officially “cancer free”. I owe my survival to my faith, my family, my friends and the fighting spirit I gained at TITLE. I am particularly thankful to my TITLE trainers: Josh, Sam, Sherrie Lee, Ali, Travis, Slater, Seth, Erica, Ryan, Kim and Chris, for encouraging me and never allowing me to give up. My best advice to anyone battling cancer is simple: stay in the ring and keep fighting!

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